Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Is it Time to Buy a Watch Made in Greece?

loukis mainas.jpg
The Louann Transparent, Greece's first watch.
Photo from Loukas Mainas Jewelry.
Is it time to buy a watch made in Greece?

Did you even know that there are watches manufactured in Greece?

The world’s financial eyes are tuned into the drama of the Greek economy, which is bringing bad days to the world’s stock markets like an angry Greek god hurling thunderbolts on the trapped village below. But horologists’ eyes can turn toward Greek watches. Because why not? We all know that whatever economic calamity ensues, Greece, Europe, and the world will eventually recover, and be even better off than before.

So what about a Greek watch?

Greece is known for a lot of things, such as antiquities, olive oil, and vain, bearded gods. But the country is not usually known for its watches. That’s not Greece’s fault. Not every country produces a lot of watches, or any watches at all. And only Switzerland is synonymous with watches.

But Greece does have a watch! Greece’s first homebrewed wristwatch, the Louann Transparent, is powered by a modified ETA 2824-2 movement. The Louann Transparent has a sapphire crystal and caseback, screw down crown, and handmade alligator strap.The gold case edition of the Louann Transparent is limited to 50 pieces, and the sterling silver version is limited to 1,000 pieces.

Buyers of the gold version can customize their watch by choosing among yellow, pink, or white gold cases, the dial’s color, and whether the dial has a satin or polished finish.
The Louann Transparent has a sapphire crystal caseback.
Photo from Loukas Mainas Jewelry.

The Louann Transparent was created by Loukas Mainas, a Greek industrial designer. Watching a timepiece being made is one of the coolest art shows you can see, and the making of a Louann Transparent —all by hand— is no exception. Hop over to YouTube to see how this watch is manufactured.

This may be the best time to buy a Louann Transparent. Not just for your wrist’s sake, but for Greece, too. Who knows, if this limited edition sells out, that might just spur the growth of a new Greek industry, wristwatches.

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