Friday, July 31, 2015

The Biggest Lies That Watch Collectors Tell

Here are the biggest lies that watch collectors tell. 

Ah hem. Not you. Not me. I would never impugn anyone’s integrity by saying that you utter these words. It's the other guy.

I don't care if nobody notices my watch because I'm wearing it just for me. 

My watch is even more accurate than the manufacturer says.

I don't ever want to own a Rolex.

I don't care if my watch gets scratches, because that shows character.
 Piaget 600P hand-wound movement with power-reserve
indicator, an ultra-thin mechanical flying tourbillon movement.
You know how this movement works, right?
Photo from Piaget.

I promise that if we go to Europe together, I won't visit any watch stores.

I understand 100 percent about how watch movements work.

That Fossil watch goes great with your suit, boss.

I know some guys who are snobs about their watches, but I'm not one of them. 

People who aren't into watches are just as well-rounded, interesting and smart as I am. 

This is the last watch I'm ever going to buy.


  1. Add to that

    Someone grabbed my wrist and told me that my inflicta was great

    My watch is better than a Rolex and just as cool

    I own 100 watches but I am not a hoarder

    50mm watch looks good on my 6 inch wrist.

  2. Ha! Very funny article. I'll add one, too: "Watches are a great investment."