Monday, July 6, 2015

Woman Steals, Swallows $6,000 Wristwatch

On December 3, 1934, this minor news item appeared in a small space in the New York Times. The article began this way:

A 48 mm Panerai Radiomir would
have hurt. Photo from Panerai. 
According to the Times, the woman was arrested and brought to the police station, where she admitted to swallowing the watch she had stolen. She was x-rayed and the x-ray confirmed her story. The article did not say whether whether the watch was working after it was, um, recovered. I have my doubts because in 1934 watches weren't waterproof.

She was arrested on the charge of possessing stolen property.

That $350 wristwatch would be worth $6,000 now.

There's a lot I could say about this story, but the only comment I'll make is that it's a good thing for that woman that people generally wore smaller wristwatches in 1934 than they do now.

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