Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Magic Watch Dot Date Window Covers

With Magic Watch Dot you can leave your Patek's
date on the 18th all month long. Photo from
Patek Philippe. 
It’s the bane of every watch collector: You’re in a rush and don’t have time to set the date on your watch. Or you tried to set it, overshot the date by a single day, and don’t want to cycle through 30 days again, not just because it’s annoying and time-consuming, but because you will overshoot today’s date once again.

Even when you do set the date correctly, chances are that it’s going to be right only for twelve hours. When the hour hand passes 12 o’clock at noon, will the date change to the next day? Of course it will.

Until now, the only alternative you’ve had to going through the tedious process of 1,2,3,4...31 again and again is to live with your watch’s date display being wrong.

Not any longer. Just place a Magic Watch Dot* over your watch’s date window and you’ll never see the wrong date again. Magic Watch Dots come in every color of the rainbow, and even colors that aren’t in the rainbow, including Nato Strap Gray, Breguet Silver, Seiko Monster Orange, and Rolex Green. Magic Watch Dots are also available in a reflective coating to give your watch a new, practical mirror complication. (We think that a mirror is a more useful complication than a moon phase!)

If your favorite vintage watch doesn’t have a quick date set mechanism or if the International Date Line has your name on it, then you need the Magic Watch Dot.

There’s even more you can do with a Magic Watch Dot. Do you hate your Rolex’s cyclops date window? We know you do. Just cover the cyclops with a Magic Watch Dot and never again be annoyed at Rolex’s pandering to the farsighted crowd.

Magic Watch Dots come in sets of 31 dots on a convenient sheet that you can carry in your wallet or leave in your desk at work. Just peel the Magic Watch Dot off, place it over your date window or cyclops and all is right with the world once again. Magic Watch Dots are guaranteed not to leave any sticky residue on your watch crystal, and won’t scratch acrylic crystals.

*Sorry, but Magic Watch Dots don’t really exist...yet.

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