Monday, October 5, 2015

The Next Watch You Should Buy Should Be...

Trust me with what I'm about to tell you: Your watch won't care, won't be upset, and won't hate you, if you wear another watch.

Putting on a different watch isn't cheating. It isn't disloyal. It isn't mean. It's your way of saying, "I love all watches." You love your Rolex Sub, but does that mean you have to hang out with it every day, all day?

I've written before about how it's fun to step out of your watch comfort zone. It's fun to try something different on your wrist. If you can, you should.

To help you choose your next watch, I've prepared this chart pairing four popular classic watches with what I think you could put on when your wrist longs for something different.

Have fun with your new watch.

Submariner Date


From the classic to the futuristic and futuristically good-looking. If you wear a Rolex Sub, try on a Seiko Astron.

From a dress Patek Philippe Calatrava to a Bremont Jaguar, bold and with a splash of red. 

Panerai has one of the most distinctive looks of any watch. So why not swap it for something else that doesn't look like any other watch, such as the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Calendar?

A great, stylish Grand Seiko to a Maîtres du Temps ‏Chapter Two, because they both hold your eye, but for completely different reasons.

Photos from their respective manufacturers. 

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