Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Opening Novel Lines for Watch Lovers

It’s Sunday and it’s raining. The sky’s dark, the winds are driving the rain into your living room window, an unrelenting tapping whose pace is picking up as the sky gets even closer to black. There are goblins in the wind, howling. The lightning flashes are the only way you can tell that the goblins haven’t gotten close to your house...yet. Today is a day to stay inside. Even your Ball Engineer Skindiver II doesn’t want to go out. It’s safe inside. It’s dry and comfortable.

Today is a good day to read. 

I found some novels that watch lovers will love. Because these novels don’t yet exist, just like goblins don’t exist (right?), I can’t offer you the books’ titles, but I can present their opening lines.


"What's an Omega Speedmaster doing here buried in the same layer as these dinosaur bones?" Stephen asked, as the dirt moved just enough to reveal that the watch was still ticking.

When John jokingly said to his friend Bob Danforth at the office holiday party, "I want to be buried wearing my Rolex," how could he have known that his shy coworker was a serial killer who would soon turn John's dream into a nightmare?

A watch courier's job is to transport a watch
wherever it’s supposed to go,
regardless of the risks. Harry Winston
 Opus 14 photo from Harry Winston.
Apple's CEO lit a cigarette even though he quit smoking six months ago. He spoke the words that were tantamount to declaring war on a sovereign nation: "This report that says ‘mechanical watch wearers have the most sex’ must never get in the hands of the Swiss. Even if we have to destroy that country."

Roger regretted what he did even before he did it, but if selling his wife into slavery was the only way the bandits who boarded his yacht would let him keep his Patek, who was he to argue with fate?

"Few people actually open and see the inside of a Breguet tourbillon, but we are convinced that those mechanisms could only have been made by aliens," Nancy Agari said as she closed the folder marked "Top Secret."

The President's Chief of Staff’s face was ashen when he spoke. "Mr. President, I don't know how, but the Russians planted a bug inside your watch, and they've heard everything you've said for the past year."

Every time he begins a job, a watch courier knows that this may be his last, but transporting the new Harry Winston Opus 14 to an army general close to the front was a risk that made all others pale in comparison.

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