Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Time Traveler's Watch

The double tourbillon Greubel Forsey Invention Piece 1
looks like it was inspired by the future
Watchmakers create incredible watches for divers, pilots, astronauts, and race car drivers seemingly out of a jumble of random parts, waving wands to make masterpieces. Watches built to withstand the crushing pressure of the deep sea, the vacuum of outer space, the intense cold of the world's tallest mountains, and the debilitating G-forces of extreme sports.

But what about time travel? What's the best watch to have strapped to your wrist when breaking the time barrier? Sure, an Omega Speedmaster will probably be adequate, but adequate doesn't cut it. Time travelers need their own watches with the perfect balance of design, reliability and features. What will a time traveler's watch look like? Here's one possible advertisement that answers that question.

The Seiko Time 1

Whether you're embarking on your first trip to the past or whether you're a seasoned time traveler with centuries under your belt, Seiko's Time 1 is the watch you should be wearing. Stylish, sporty, comfortable, and above all, practical, the Time 1 is your faithful companion for everything from a short trip down memory lane to when you were toddler, to a journey to witness the first ever sunrise at the just-completed Stonehenge.

Among Time 1's exclusive features are:

Highly readable year, month, date, day, hour, minute, seconds. Year indicator is red for BC, green for AD.

The Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Celestia
Astronomical Grand Complication 3600
might as well
be from the year 3600.
Quick set year

Perpetual calendar from 3,547 BC (the time travel limit) to the present

Accurate to +/- 1 one second a month

Auto self-destruct if watch is removed without first being set to present date (to prevent the timeline from being corrupted by technology from the future)

Fully mechanical watch (even the self-destruct feature is powered by the spring)

Polished, lightweight lithium case that's stronger than titanium 3

Flexible strap so you can quickly flip your watch upside down, disguising it as plain jewelry

One press of the auto pusher at the two o'clock position starts the 2 hour and 12 minute countdown timer to alert you to when the wormhole will reopen so you're not stranded in the past. The watch will vibrate when the countdown mark is reached.

Lunar and solar eclipse complication so you're forewarned about mass hysteria events

Nihonium-painted hands give powerful lumes for night-time readability

Scratch resistant diamond crystal

Easily removable 18k gold milanese band in case you need to barter it for local currency

Moonphase so you know when there will be light at night

And, of course, the Seiko Time 1 makes a great watch for just hanging out in 2047, too. It's water resistant to 5,000 meters and negative air pressure resistant through the lunar atmosphere and beyond. Look for it at your favorite Seiko retailer under the model SJTT073.

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