Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Grand Seiko's First Quartz GMT

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The +/- 5 seconds a year Grand Seiko 9F GMT
This is the it watch, the watch that's got people lining up outside the doors of Grand Seiko boutiques even though it won't be available until January 2019. Introducing the Grand Seiko Sport Collection GMT.

Grand Seiko engineered their incomparable 9F quartz movement to offer unparalleled accuracy for both the primary time and an independently settable GMT hour hand. Grand Seiko took their 9F86 movement, which is accurate to within 10 seconds a year, and upped the game to make this watch accurate to +/- 5 seconds a year. 

These new GMT watches will come in three different styles with different color accents, each 39mm. Only the yellow, limited edition version has this heighted accuracy. The other two Grand Seiko Sport Collection GMTs will be accurate to +/- 10 seconds a year. 

The yellow toned Grand Seiko GMT will be available in a limited edition in the fall of 2018, with the other two models available in January 2019. 

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