Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The World's Greatest Vintage Watch: The Rolex Pepsi

Are there any colors more beautiful than those of a vintage, sun-touched Rolex Pepsi?

Photo from Bob's Watches
I could go on. I could compare the beauty of a faded Rolex Pepsi bezel to Helen of Troy, a summer's day, or a romance novel featuring Fabio on the cover. I could say gazing at a Rolex Pepsi bezel that's been caressed by time is like standing on the surface of an alien world and looking up at that planet's diamond ring circling the equator. I could tell you that a Pepsi bezel that's been touched by the sun over decades is a circus of sublime color for your eyes to enjoy.

I could say that a vintage Pepsi bezel that's walked through time is hypnotic.

But all you need to do is look at a vintage Rolex Pepsi to know that this is one of the most beautiful objects on earth.

Thanks to Bob's Watches for the Rolex Pepsi photo. 

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  1. Great article! Fuchsia bezels are amazing and are becoming an increasingly desirable feature for the Rolex Pepsi.