Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Electricianz' Cable Z

A Better Wrist's Watch Briefs are a short articles to whet your appetite for great watches.

The Cable Z, one of Electricianz' fun quartz watches. 
There's nothing wrong with quartz. Granted, a lot of quartz watches, especially fashion watches, beat to the tune of cheap, mass produced quartz crystals, but some quartz watches have looks and features you't won't find in mechanical watches. Grand Seiko's hyper accurate quartz watches and the Sinn oil filled Hydro deep diver are two examples of what quartz can do that mechanical watches can't.

Let me draw your attention to this colorful, bold and creative quartz watch, the Cable Z, by Electricianz, a watch company you probably haven't heard about. If you're going to wear a quartz watch, there should be no ambiguity about it. Right?

The Cable Z costs about $470 and will occupy 45mm of wrist real estate. It's a big watch, but you want an exciting watch --one that Electricianz describes this way: "The Cable Z is an ode to electricity: its explosive bouquet of enmeshed and colorful cables playfully revisits the brand’s distinctive design" -- to be seen rather than hidden in a forest of wrist hair or under a sleeve.

The Cable Z's four LEDs give the watch an especially charged look at night. You can find out more about the Cable Z here.

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