Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Have You Ever Dreamed about Watches?

Photo by Masakazu Matsumoto
Have you ever had a dream in which a watch played a leading role?

I had one the other night. I was at a meeting of government officials. Everyone was wearing trench coats. The police arrived and arrested several people at the meeting for accepting bribes in the form of Rolexes.

One of the police officers asked, "Out of curiosity, does anyone else have a Rolex?" A hundred or so hands were raised, each of which displayed a Submariner.

Somebody who posted on a Watchuseek forum said he dreamed that his Omega Speedmaster was stolen, even though he doesn't have a Speedy. Another collector dreamed his $2,000 Stowa's crystal was scratched, a dream that was so realistic he checked his watch in the middle of the night. Still other watch enthusiasts have had anxiety dreams about delayed FedEx and DHL watch shipments.

If you dream about watches that makes your normal...for a watch enthusiast.

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