Monday, December 17, 2018

The Seiko Watch World in 1977

An advertisement for Seiko's Grand Quartz
NASA just announced that Voyager 2, launched in 1977, has left the solar system.

In 1977, the present and future of Grand Seikos was quartz, a vision inspired by a quest to see what this technology, epitomized in what Seiko called "Grand Quartz," could do for timekeeping.

Forty one years ago, in 1977, the Dow ended the year at 831, New York City suffered a blackout that lasted 25 hours, the Apple II computer was released, and Elvis Presley was abducted by aliens.

One 1977 model, the Grand Quartz 4823-8100, recently sold on eBay for $213. For the most part, Seiko's Grand Quartz seems to inspire as much love as do TI-30 calculators from the same era. Though Grand Quartz is not without it beauty. Those dials, wow.

It was a near certainty in 1977, that all the world's watches were destined to be quartz.

In 1998, nine years after Voyager 2 passed by Neptune, Seiko introduced the mechanical caliber 9S, rekindling its remarkable journey back to mechanical watchmaking. Mechanical watches worldwide are continuing their now decades-long rebirth. Mechanical and quartz watches (which, like the Sinn Hydro can perform cool tricks that mechanical watches can only dream of) live in harmony.

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