Friday, August 9, 2019

Condolence Cards for Watch Collectors

We Watch Cards is delighted to announce the publication of our newest batch of watch condolence cards.

Is your watch buddy suffering from a watch-related malady? While a card can’t cure the underlying problem, showing you care can go a long way toward putting a smile back on his or her face.

We have cards in stock for various occasions including:

A lost auction

Spouse intercepts the box with the watch before you get home

Bought a watch at an auction and immediately afterwards one in better condition appears for sale

Watch magnetized

The authorized dealer service center polishes your watch without your asking

You have a more expensive version of that Rolex than your boss, and he notices

You put a scratch on your watch that can only been seen with a loupe

The scratch on your watch is a deep as the Grand Canyon

You forget the screw in the crown and get caught in a downpour

You set the date at 11 am!

Watch stolen

Your quartz watch battery runs out while you're on a ten-day camping trip

You get stopped by customs and can't prove you bought the watch in your home country

Your spouse spent your watch money on a family vacation

You got scammed on eBay

Your Rolex arrived after waiting for two years, but now you're into Grand Seiko

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