Friday, January 10, 2020

Grand Seiko Nicknames

Grand Seiko owners love to nickname their watches. From the classic Snowflake (the only nickname that was actually given by Seiko) to Ryujin, Blizzard, Chewbacca, and Red Flake, Grand Seikos are often known for their nicknames.

I've compiled a list of Grand Seiko nicknames, along with photos and reference numbers. This is a work in progress, with more to come. You can view this list here: Grand Seiko Nicknames.

Thanks to the Grand Seiko Owners Club for the photos and assistance.

Three examples are below.

Grand Seiko Glacier

Grand Seiko Red Flake

Grand Seiko Kiku

Please contact me using the contact form if you spot any omissions or errors. -Bill Adler