Sunday, May 3, 2020

Is That the Same Watch?

From time to time, A Better Wrist features conversations about watches with my cat, Kinmo. The conversations don't always go as hoped.

Kinmo: This is the same watch you took a picture of last time.

Bill: There's a pandemic on.

Kinmo: What kind of excuse is that? If anything, you have more time than ever to swap watches. I'm bored with the same watch.

Bill: I may have time, but I all I'm able to do is lie around and stare straight ahead, letting my eyes wobble out of focus.

Kinmo: You're becoming a cat.


  1. Certainly there is a lot going on with that watch. Wouldn't be my style egard watches, but credit to the brand egard watches for doing something different. Wonder why they went Chinese with the movement for the skeleton?

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